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About LinkedGolfers: The premier online community for golf enthusiasts and networking professionals.


LinkedGolfers origins date back to May in 2009, when it was created as a private  group specifically designed for members of LinkedIn.

Our decision to anchor our growth to a LinkedIn audience was charged by equal parts strategy and gut feeling. LinkedIn’s growth has never been a question. (Nearly two dozen new members have joined LinkedIn in the time this sentence was typed.) The connection between LinkedIn and golf, however–at first glance–may not be an obvious one to some. LinkedGolfers’ Owner and Director Sean T. Kelly, who is a career writer and editor with extensive experience covering the evolution of businesses and technologies, says the combination of LinkedIn and golf could not have been more natural.

“Despite their differences, businesses, products, and entire industries evolve according to a similar pattern,” says Kelly. “New ideas start in a quiet lab, with the strongest eventually becoming mainstream corporate tools. The best of those typically become the subject of adoration for people who are exceptional at adapting a business need into an ‘everyone’ need. It was only a matter of time before LinkedIn evolved from “strictly business” into a setting more accepting of leisure.”

Kelly says that he perceived the combination of LinkedIn and golf, which among all sports is by far the most attractive investment choice of corporate sponsors, as an ideal match from all sides.

LinkedIn was preparing for an IPO and was beginning to add two new members every second of the day. The golf industry, meanwhile, was beginning to show signs of weakness.

“The game’s ruling bodies are separated by international borders and major equipment manufacturers–who are themselves ruled by a need to produce profits–have become the most influential powers,” according to Kelly. “Mixing LinkedIn and golf through LinkedGolfers was an expedient way to give a voice to the people that matter. And not just any voice but one coming from some of the most ambitious and successful business leaders in the world.”

The prediction paid off and LinkedGolfers quickly became the leading community for professionals who share an interest in golf and, in many cases, networking. “Business Golf” has re-emerged as something of a trend and because of LinkedGolfers’ business roots, the community will focus on helping its members develop meaningful and productive relationships amidst a shared passion around an incredible game.

About Members

We’re proud to have members that are teaching and touring pros, club manufacturers, materials suppliers, import/export pros, Fortune 500 executives, entrepreneurs, travel agents, mobile app developers, publishers, broadcasters, fashion designers, horticulture scientists, engineers, and more. Within those many disciplines, we’re also the happy home for CXOs (the catch-all term for the CEO, CFO, CTO, CIO, and COO), presidents, vice presidents, directors, founders, consultants, advisers, and senior managers alike.

As a member of the #1 online community for golfers, you’ll have access to benefits that include performance tips from pros, exclusive travel discounts, priority status with equipment manufacturers, custom tournament software, and a convenient path to meeting new golf friends and business liaisons both in your neighborhood and around the world.

We welcome contributions from anyone with a fondness for the history, innovation, required discipline and creativity, physical health and mental focus, and simple beauty of this complex sport. But the members who make the choice to engage, to share their ideas and provide intelligent feedback about the ideas of others, are the members who will surely find the best results.

“LinkedGolfers is more than a social networking community,” says Kelly. “We’re a ‘purpose networking community’. That reflects more than a clever change of words. Purpose networkers interact to produce real output and will go the extra mile behind the scenes to maximize the value of their relationships.”


Whether your goal is to sign the next big business deal or to find a regular playing partner who will witness your best-ever round, LinkedGolfers warmly welcomes you. Come on in, tell us who you are and what you need, visualize your plan, then swing away!

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