New club development overlooking the town of St Andrews bridges the gap between historic and modern at the Home of Golf.



The Feddinch Lion is Loose

The Lion is Out of the Bag

Those of you who have been around a while know that I first created this community to provide successful, busy people with information that’s actually useful, not simply “more”. I post material when I should, not because I can. (Your inboxes are already oversaturated with “noise”.) I realize I’m interrupting your day (and my own birthday), but I’m doing so to alert you to an opportunity that deserves your immediate consideration. If I let it slide. there’s a good chance that, poof!, it’s gone. The following, then, will be brief, but actionable enough to get you off the ground. Consider it a “ground-floor opportunity” on hallowed ground.

More than a half dozen years ago, I stumbled upon the Feddinch Club ), a project in its early stages of development at the Home of Golf. If the name rings a bell it’s because it has just been unveiled to the media. Some of the first stories about the place have appeared during the last few days. Plenty more will appear during the days, weeks, and months ahead. Each story that appears will translate to millions of new people being aware of the Feddinch Club and its current set of highly limited memberships.


Tom Weiskopf With Feddinch Backdrop

Tom Weiskopf against the natural tapestry of the Feddinch Club property.


Here’s what you need to know right now:

–Upon completion, the Feddinch Club at St Andrews will be the first and only member-owned club with its own golf course–an expansive, links-style course by 1973 Open Champion and world-renowned Golf Course Designer Tom Weiskopf. For obvious reasons, the course is the central feature of the Feddinch Club, but it’s not the whole story. The property will also provide members with a set of facilities with uniquely modern options. A lavish clubhouse with more than 40 luxury suites, a business center and boardroom, a dining room and bar, and other well-appointed spaces will serve as the hub around which members can plan events onsite or trips around town and beyond.

–The Feddinch Club is located on a gently sloping hill overlooking the town of St Andrews, which has sweeping, panoramic views of the sea off the country’s east coast toward the town. The Feddinch Club is quite possibly the only remaining opportunity in the area that has both enough land for such a project, and its owners are determined to turn the Feddinch Club into an important piece of the Home of Golf’s ever-evolving history.

–Tom Weiskopf just returned from a site visit and reviewed the progress of the course development (routed and “rough shaped”) and is enthusiastic about moving into the next step.


Feddinch Tumbler

Luxury, privacy, and attention to detail are important aspects of the Feddinch Club


–The Feddinch Club has just been unveiled to the media and is now introducing its earliest, most presitgous memberships, for Corporate and Founder Members. They’re the most limited in number and offer the greatest rewards (and even returns). Early corporate members have tremendous flexibility in how (and to whom) benefits are distributed. Those who are among the first corporate members will receive a free week’s use of a luxury suite during the Open at St Andrews in 2021.

–Since 2012 I have repeatedly visited the site and observed its progress. I have been counsulted on occasion and been unafraid of voicing my opinions. I’ve never received or asked for compensation, but I have envisioned the possibilities that exist here for LinkedGolfers members.

–As a gesture of appreciation, The Feddinch Club has put aside a limited number of the earliest memberships for me to offer rights to you.

I hope you decide to join me in seeing that LinkedGolfers enjoys the rewards of this unique opportunity. I doubt we’ll ever see anything like the Feddinch Club again.

This is an invite only opportunity so for more info, contact the CEO directly. Details follow.

To learn more about the club, membership benefits, and more, click over to the Feddinch Club site. Club CEO Ewan McKay has also offered direct connections for LinkedGolfers members (following).


Ewan McKay, Chairman, Feddinch Club
[email protected]
+44 1334 461018


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