Tommy’s Honour Premiere Weekend: A Hickory Invitation That Spans the Nation

Tommy's Honour Still

The Tommy’s Honour Premiere weekend delivers a unique chance for hickory golf fans and historians a chance to get out, play a round, have a bite, and catch a flick with thousands of your friends across the nation. 


If you are a golfer, I consider you a friend. If you are a hickory golfer, you are family.

We may not have ever met (I hope that will change), but what we may not yet share in personal history, we make up for in a common attraction to the rich history of golf.

Together, we appreciate the 19th-century (and earlier) curiosity and craftsmanship that fueled the invention of early clubs and balls. We appreciate the intricacies of early golf course design, both as designed by natural forces and by architects whose careful plans added new dimensions to the golfers’ game board. Anything that combines history and golf likely grabs your attention and mine.

That’s why I’d like to extend an invitation for you to join other members of our friends and family between April 14th and 16th for an opening weekend viewing of a new movie about the old game: Tommy’s Honour. In the following you will find all the practical info you need, regardless of whether you’re a curious individual or the leader of a large hickory golf community.




WHAT: A special invitation for hickory golf associations and non-affiliated individual hickory golfers in the United States to enjoy a night (or day) at the movies, during the Tommy’s Honour premiere weekend–preferably in their best hickory attire.

This effort is not organized for discount hunters seeking a dollar or two off admission. Rather, it’s considered a chance to bring attention both to hickory golf in general and Tommy’s Honour in specific, to mutual benefit. It’s a great opportunity for hickory organizations to get together, first to enjoy one another’s company, then also to bring significant public attention to both the movie and to various communities already operating to support a common fascination with hickory golf.

Ambitious organizers have already begun organizing a day of hickory golf, followed immediately by a group theater viewing Tommy’s Honour. Others are looking to host events following the movie in order to inspire discussion on a variety of topics, including historic accuracy.

WHO: Like-minded hickory golfers and associations.

LinkedGolfers has inspired this opening weekend effort, in connection with the creators of Tommy’s Honour, the Society of Hickory Golfers, the Golf Collectors Society, and Hickory Golf Day. Individuals are welcome and encouraged to participate. It will be a great opportunity to meet .

WHEN and WHERE: The Tommy’s Honour premiere weekend is set for of April 14-16 (2017) at theaters in 32 cities across the United States, including:

Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Charlotte, Charleston, Chicago, Cleveland, Columbus, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Houston, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Monterey, Miami, Minneapolis, Nashville, New York, Orlando, Palm Springs, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Portland, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, St. Louis, Tampa, Washington DC, and West Palm Beach.

WHY: Hickory golfers have plenty of opportunities to participate in events throughout the year. The successful release of Tommy’s Honour, however, is a celebration of historic golf rarely seen on the “silver screen.”

It’s a chance to show support for independent filmmakers and the legions of hickory associations and individuals who have dedicated significant time to see that others can enjoy the spirit that’s the foundation of this version of golf. This is a rare opportunity to get out together across the nation.

To simply matters, we’ve put together a simple series of steps to help you mobilize your group:




Directed by Jason Connery, the movie dramatizes the story of Old Tom Morris (Peter Mullan) and son Tom Jr. (Jack Lowden) at a time in golf’s malleable history when the game as we know it begins to take shape. It’s an era defined by status, by memberships, and, as I hope you’ll see on the big screen, also by a mix of raw talent and the kind of bravado that challenges the rigid lines defining centuries.

You, as hickory golfers, likely know well the story of the Morris father and son (the course architect and the young champion), their passionate rivalry with the Park’s, and the abrupt turns that set golf on its earliest the trajectory. You also likely know a great deal about where the movie strays away from true history, into the realm of fiction–at times to appeal to non-golfers and at others to exercise a degree of creative license to fill in the gaps between what is and isn’t documented fact.

I’ll be interested to hear your thoughts.


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