Zensah’s Showstopping Socks, Sleeves

Innovative utility-wear for athletes who need more than a basic lift and tuck.


I can’t recall ever calling socks–or any supportive undergarment for that matter–a “showstopper.” But during a recent golf trade show, Zensah’s socks (literally) stopped me in my tracks as I was traversing from one end of the conference center to the other. Zensah’s argyle patterned socks are what lured me in, but it was the details of their performance that caused me to stay.

The Smart Choice is Seamless, It Seems

The bulk of Zensah’s products–Tech+ Socks included–are manufactured using an original process that keeps the stretchy Zensah textiles together without the need for seams. That may not seem like a big deal at first, and it’s certainly not the sexiest feature for the folks in marketing to work with, but the more one understands compression-ware, the sexier “seamless” becomes. The easiest way to explain the seamless benefit is to say this: Like many golfers, seams in clothing don’t stretch nearly enough.

Even if a footwear product similar to the Tech+ featured the same calculated mix of stretch and compression fabric across 99 percent of its surface area, even a single seam will almost certainly “step” in and ruin the party. Seams are naturally skilled at holding things together, but they come at a cost. They interrupt the “flow” of fabric, and left to their own designs, they can run amok and leave marks and even scars that last for months.

More Than Just Seamless

Adding to the benefit of being seam-free,  Zensah’s gear employs materials that are lightweight, moisture-wicking, and, in my experience, comfortable to the extreme. Pull on a pair of the Tech+ and you’ll instantly know what I mean–these are the first socks I can recall owning that feel tangibly springy. They feel so energy injecting that I can see even non-runners who wear them inspired to try a light jog (many marathons start here).


Zensah Elbow Sleeve


I also tried the company’s Compression Elbow Sleeve ($24.99), when I was suffering from a bout of “golfer’s elbow” and found immediate relief. While not a cure, the sleeve not only does its job in reducing pain when one already has the injury but also acts as a non-invasive preventative option for those who experience repeated strains.


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