Forging the Perfect Slice

Short film documenting the art of forging definitely makes the cut.


It’s hard to imagine in a modern world dominated by mobile phones, 80-inch HDTVs, tweets, and selfies, but it wasn’t all that long ago that even the most common household products had to be crafted by blacksmiths using fire and stone, hammer and anvil. Once upon a time, the skills of a blacksmith were considered nothing short of critical to the health, welfare, and defense of an organized community. 

Ernest Wright & Son of Sheffield, England is one of the last remaining hand forgers of scissors. Shaun Bloodworth’s film (top), which was included in a regional compilation of works called Storying Sheffield (and organized by the University of Sheffield), documents the work of “Putter” Cliff Denton, who is literally a “putter togetherer” of scissors. 


The Company's Golf Hole Trimmer


Few organizations still hand make metal goods in this fashion, or of this quality, in the 21st century. We were not only mesmerized by the film and Denton’s work, we were also reminded of a former time when blacksmiths forged swords, hammers, axes, and of course, golf club heads with similar effort and skill.

The connection between scissors and golf isn’t a new one, as evidenced by at least one of Ernest Wright & Son’s products–the golf hole trimmer pictured here. Though it’s a product we stumbled on in a happy coincidence, we’re thinking these silver sheers would make an excellent gift or award for club owners to present to their oft-ignored superintendents or greenskeepers. At the time of writing, the golf hole trimmer cost just £28.80 (including VAT)–money well spent as it’s the thought and gesture that counts..

Kudos to Shaun Bloodworth for creating a film that celebrates the increasingly rare art and skill underlying the hand-made business, without ever getting in the way.

Ernest Wright & Son

Music and Sound Design by The Black Dog.



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