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The father of amateur golf Francis Ouimet

The St Andrews Golf Company’s intimate connection with Francis Ouimet passes the century mark.


September 2013 saw the 100th anniversary of Francis Ouimet’s legendary and dramatic U.S. Open victory over Harry Vardon and Ted Ray at The Country Club in Brookline, Mass.

Now recognized as the “father of amateur golf” and the catalyst that inspired the game’s popularity in America, Ouimet’s story has been told frequently in print and most recently in the film The Greatest Game Ever Played.


Tom Stewart Heads


Four of the Tom Stewart-made clubs he used in the Open were given to the USGA Hall of Fame in 2007. The clubs are worth seeing, or better yet, playing, which is entirely possible. St Andrews Golf Company has the rights to, and in fact makes, the precise clubs Ouimet played just as Tom Stewart made them–beginning at the most authentic starting point: the original Stewart templates.


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