Pace of Play 1: Why Traffic Jams Occur

The first part of the United States Golf Association Pace of Play series explains the factors that create dreaded bottlenecks on the course.


The subject of golf’s supposed free-fall in popularity–as gauged by significant losses in members during recent years, is a one of golf’s most central debates. It’s difficult to determine which factors exactly are or are not unique to golf. Many sports are suffering from significant drops in participation. America’s two pillars of team play–baseball and football–are suffering from steep declines from the earliest youth levels. It’s a complex problem and frequent source of debate.

Everyone, however, agrees that problems with pace of play are top among golf’s most self-sabotaging diseases. Kudos to the USGA for demonstrating it’s actively seeking solutions. Education on the matter can go a long way.

Sean T. Kelly
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