Movie: Seven Days in Utopia

Utopia or Straight to DVD?


I am not sure how this escaped me. This trailer is on the old side.  Has anyone out there actually seen this film? And is it in fact filled, as it appears, with every cliche possible?

The description, via IMDB (which averages the reviews it scans to 5.6/10):

After a disastrous debut on the pro circuit, a young golfer finds himself unexpectedly stranded in Utopia, Texas and welcomed by an eccentric rancher.

A little longer description from Rotten Tomatoes:

Seven Days in Utopia follows the story of Luke Chisolm (Lucas Black), a talented young golfer set on making the pro tour. When his first big shot turns out to be a very public disaster, Luke escapes the pressures of the game and finds himself unexpectedly stranded in Utopia, Texas, home to eccentric rancher Johnny Crawford (Robert Duvall). But Johnny’s more than meets the eye, and his profound ways of looking at life force Luke to question not only his past choices, but his direction for the future.

Among Rotten Tomatoes reviewers (43 total)  just six ranked the movie as “Fresh” with the remaining 37 calling it “Rotten.”

What are your thoughts? And is Robert Duvall the reason for the six Fresh votes or does he simply need a new agent?


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