The Mental Myths of Golf



Is this one of the mental myths of golf? “You need to remember certain parts of your swing in order to swing well.”


Can you honestly say that this idea is based on a certain reality? My own experience and my experience of coaching golfers, is that it is not true. It’s an ongoing myth.

Have you ever played a shot while concentrating on all your swing thoughts olny to swing the club poorly and watch it dive straight into a hazard? Then, immediately after, have you instinctively just played another ball without thinking of anything and felt the joy of a pure and sweet strike?

How do you explain that huge difference in swings from the same golfer? Have you ever questioned the logic of going back to your swing thoughts on the next shot even though you just hit your best shot of the day by swinging freely and without thinking of anything? Most golfers do not question this logic. They simply accept that they must focus on mechanics while swinging.

So what changed from the first swing to the second? Easy: You thought less and trusted more. Also easy, once you get on track: Reprogramming your methods to build the most effective “library” of thoughts to help your individual game. Finding swing thoughts that don’t interfere with trust and that you can always use is both part of my coaching program and e-book.

While developing my materials, I’ve learned that you–well most golfers–already have the tools of imagination, of visualizing outcome, and so on, to experience substantial improvement. The tough part comes at the start, when choosing your internal film-reel can get a little confusing. We have been built as golfers to focus on mechanics (and don’t get me wrong, mechanics are important), but equally important for golfers are tools that help you “curate” swing thoughts so they increase the opportunity for success by helping you commit to a shot, internally “see” your intent, and, eventually, develop an internal set of mental rules that set you up to execute.

Much of the growth a golfer initially experiences when building this type of repertoire happens off the course. Unless you’re located in parts of the southern hemisphere, winter weather will interrupt the daily rounds of many–so why not use this time build up new mental strengths and fortify internal competitive defenses?



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