Want Stroke Savings? Avoid Cravings.

In both golf and life, conquering cravings is a quick path to real improvement.


Since Tiger Woods has found happiness with his new girlfriend it is plain to see the difference it has made to his golf. We can all learn from this in that golf is a reflection of how you are at the time. If things away from the golf course are not going well, it is very difficult to find the right attitude that will enable you to play well on the golf course. So I would encourage you to make small positive changes in any area of your life that you feel would benefit. Whether it is a change in your relationships, health and well-being, diet, work or any other area, do your best to help yourself and develop a calm concentrated mind.

It will be interesting to see if Tiger, now that he is a red hot favorite again, can avoid the trap that may prevent him from winning the Masters again. The trap I am referring to is craving. The major championships are Tiger’s real goal and if he can manage to keep his mind focused he will be hard to beat. But for all his ability, Tiger suffers with his mind the same way that we all do from time to time. Wanting something too badly disturbs the balance of the mind making it very difficult to concentrate and perform to your potential. On Sunday afternoon we will see if Tigers new-found happiness has allowed him to let go a little of his burning desire to beat Jack Nicholas’s major winning record.

If you are struggling in an area of your game ask yourself this, how strong is my craving? How badly do I want this? Contrary to popular golf psychology my experience has shown me that it is this very craving that stops me getting what I want. Keep your intention and let go of the craving, relax and you may find that what you desire comes with less effort not more.

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