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The #1 golf-related community among the roughly 5,000 on LinkedIn for more than a decade, LinkedGolfers is expanding its digital presence to provide the kind of compelling, custom experiences its more than 50,000 active members demand. We look forward to sharing a number of new developments with you soon.


Hickory Lessons

World Hickory Open Three Ball

If you decide to compete in a hickory golf event, you can expect to lose two things: The competition itself and any preconceived ideas you brought with you. Many people envision “hickory golfers” as a bunch of old guys who wear funny hats and who’ve resisted decades of golf advances. (Okay there is that).

But this variety of the game most closely tied to golf’s origins, I’ve learned, offers much of what modern golf offers and more. It is thoroughly fascinating, reliably entertaining, and at times intensely competitive.

For a variety of reasons, hickory golf is enjoying a period of revival. Communities drawn to it have sprung up at an astounding rate all over the world. I’d argue that hickory golf is currently one of the only areas of the game experiencing significant growth.

Even so, it’s still a version of the game that exists mostly in the shadows. Mentions in mainstream media, if any are made at all, are usually relegated to the sidelines. For obvious reasons, hickory golf doesn’t do a lot to inspire new club sales.

All this serves as an explanation for why LinkedGolfers, which represents many types of golf populations, is putting so many resources into hickory golf. In the near future you can expect to see us examine this phenomenon from all sides.


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