PuttPure: A Putting Aid That Works

Puttpure Training Aid

Putting aid merits a spot at the top of your wish list and practice routine.


Biggest, brightest, best, furthest, straightest, lightest, longest, softest. Whether true or just plain outlandish, most golf equipment marketers won’t hesitate to spin a web of keywords they think will bait new customers. Nowhere is that more true than with golf training aids.

Golfers looking to improve any aspect of their game have to wade through an astounding, deafening, and often annoying amount of noise to separate the legitimately useful from the hype. If you’re keen on improving your putting, or know someone who is (who isn’t really?), let me save you the hassle of cutting your own path through the jungle: After scouring the market for putting aids, I happened on one called PuttPure, and can honestly say it’s not only of real utility, it’s also super simple to use, easy to take anywhere, and available at a price ($29) anyone serious about their game would be mad not to buy.

Pure Simplicity

There’s a lot going for the PuttPure product: First of all, unlike many other training aids, it’s incredibly effective yet couldn’t be more simple to use. Think Occam’s Razor, not Rube Goldberg.

PuttPure employs two magnetic “rods” you attach to your putter face (two tiny magnetic discs that help the rods secure to non-magnetic surfaces are included) just outside the area you intend to contact the ball. The two rods, which point in the direction of the target, provide a visual aid and encourage the development of a consistently repeatable stroke through useful practice and unique feedback. With the PuttPure rods attached, clean, centered putts sent on their intended line during practice simply feel pure

On putts that are just slightly off-center, PuttPure’s rods naturally vibrate–thanks to the properties of magnetism–providing instant feedback. A putting stroke that is substantially outside the intended sweet spot may cause a rod to contact the ball first, potentially (and safely) knocking it off the putter face altogether.

The position of rods can be set to anyone’s liking instantly. A wide setting offers more leniency, but some will place them just wide enough for a ball to just barely sneak between them. The latter makes for a truly challenging practice session, but for touring pros, this kind of precision could mean the difference between missing the cut and a multimillion dollar 1st-place finish.

Why Didn’t I Think of That?

Created by California-based Entrepreneur and Inventor Bud Wilcox, the PuttPure aid can help with just about any putting stroke problem, from an open- or closed face at impact, an inside or outside path, or any combination thereof. PuttPure helps improve putting where it matters most: At the point of contact.

It won’t teach concepts about stance, wrist action, head movement, and so on (at least not yet), but for those who believe there are many ways to arrive at a right result and for those who consider feel and muscle memory a dominant factor in their performance on the dance floor, PuttPure will please on arrival. For more technical types, players and coaches alike, the aid is also a great way to test the integration of new techniques.

All told, PuttPure meets all our standards for a “good buy.” It’s small enough to take anywhere, light enough on the pocketbook to buy not just for yourself but for your whole team, super simple to use, and most importantly, surprisingly effective for improving the most used stroke during a round. Grab one for yourself or a bunch for gifts via the link below and let us know if your thoughts and experiences are “in line” with ours.




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